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Pusat Alat Bantu Dengar

Jakarta Hearing Center

Pusat Alat Bantu Dengar Jakarta Hearing Center (JHC) is here to answer all of your hearing problems to a better quality of life. We are a loy al partner for all of your hearing needs. Our strength came not only from more than 10 years of advanced experience in the field of hearing loss and Hearing Aids along with fully supported and excellent partnership with the leading and trusted brands in the world. At JHC, we offer you a comprehensive line of digital technology for all levels of hearing loss.

About Jakarta Hearing Center


  1. We prioritized the fitting of hearing aids is completed in a professional manner in order to accommodate you with the utmost ultimate comfort of your Hearing Aids for day-to-day use.
  2. We have a full comprehensive Hearing Cares, from consultation up to after sales service and Hearing Aids reparation.
  3. We are fully supported with more than 10 years of advanced experience hearing care professionals.
  4. We are partnering with leading and trusted Hearing Aids manufacturers in the world.
  5. We provide you with the only best and latest hearing technology equipped with a fully supported qualified laboratory in order to accommodate our fast response, personal and efficiency.
    • Our complete hearing assessment will help us determine if there is a hearing loss, and what type and degree of the loss. As a complete diagnostic clinic, we are able to provide the most suitable Hearing Aids for your needs.
    • The results of your hearing assessment will be completed discussed with you and we will make sure all of your questions are thoroughly answered. If Hearing Aid(s) are needed, we will choose them based on the testing results, your lifestyle and your budget. Your care does not end with the hearing aids purchase. At this point, we provide continued follow up care to help keep your hearing at its best.
    • Our hearing care includes our acknowledgment and understanding on how medical issues such as tinnitus, diabetes, and heart disease can affect hearing loss. If you do have the said medical conditions, we strongly suggest you to get an annual hearing assessment.
    • When left untreated, hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression and even cognitive impairment. The person whose hearing is diminished isn’t the only one who suffers.

The best thing about this industry is being able to improve people’s standard of living and go beyond exceeding their expectations.