January 13, 2017

Batteries power the hearing aid's electronics. Here's how the other parts of a hearing aid work:

  • A microphone picks up sound around you.
  • An amplifier makes the sound louder.
  • A receiver send these amplified sounds into your ear, where they are converted to neural signals and sent to your brain.

A standard hearing aid battery lasts anywhere from 3 – 22 days, dependeing on the hearing aid type, battery type, and the amount of hearing aid use.

How do I know if I should change batteries?
Change your batteries if sounds become distorted or you have to turn the volume more than usual. Some hearing aids will also make a small beeping sound when the battery is low. Be sure to switch batteries immediately when you hear the alarm. Hearing aids batteries of lose power very suddenly, so it's smart to carry an extra set of batteries with you at all times. To protect against discharging your backup batteries, keep them away from coins, keys or other metal objects.

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